Smashville Adds Niclas Bergfors

Following up on a story I put up yesterday comes news of a move from this weekend that doesn’t involve salary dumping; the Preds have signed forward Niclas Bergfors to a one-year, $575,000 contract.

Niclas Bergfors
Welcome to Smashville.

Bergfors had 36 points last season in 72 games split between Atlanta and Florida, down from his rookie campaign (in which he made the all-rookie team) of 44 points in 81 games with New Jersey and Atlanta. Bergfors may not be a big name player or be a player who fills the stat sheet, but he is young, full of potential and could thrive in Nashville’s system.

This signing is indicitive of Nashville’s mindset in free agency, because for the price, the Bergfors signing has to be considered a steal for the Predators. We can likely look forward to more thrifty pick-ups by the Preds in the off season to offset the free agents who have been let go (and the players who have been traded away) rather than a big name/big contract player, so that there is plenty of money available to lock up our best players (looking at you, Weber).

Bergfors will likely play a supporting role on the team, as the “bargain-bin” players normally do, and will likely be one of many new faces next season (there will probably be a few more players called up from the Admirals as well).