Suter’s “Gooooal!”

I want to know just what team Ryan Suter was playing for Thursday night. He knocked in not one, but two goals for Anaheim. I know this sometimes happens with all the weird bounces and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but two times in one night?! Come on, man, get it together.

I do feel bad for Suter though. I know he did not mean to hand Anaheim those two goals, but at the time, I was furious at him for doing so. Especially after the second goal he just blatantly gave the Ducks.

It came at a moment all of Smashville was supposed to be jumping up and down with excitement and full of at the fact that the Predators were going to beat the Ducks 5-3. However, Suter decided at that exact moment that he wanted to mix it up some, and play soccer instead of hockey.

Poor judgement Suter, poor judgement.

With just 26.5 seconds left in regulation, Suter single-handedly brought the Ducks within one and managed to change the emotions of the 17,113 individuals in attendance from sheer excitement to dread after he kicked the puck into his own net.

Nice kick, guy!

All I could think of in that moment was those soccer commentators that yell “goooooal” for seconds on end.

Admittedly, it was a pretty good kick full of accuracy and speed. I bet he could use that amazing kick aim and play professional soccer if he wanted to try something new. Though, I really hope he does not choose to do this, because Nashville loves him and so does the hockey world. 

Even though Suter helped the Ducks out with the two goals, it shows that teams have a hard time getting pucks passed Rinne on their own.

No hard feelings though, Suter. We all make mistakes every now and again. My hockey skills are no where near as good as yours were when you were only three years old. But, had the Ducks managed to sneak one past Rinne with the time allotted, I would be a little more upset with you. So thanks to Rinne and the boys for keeping the Ducks frozen under the pond for the remainder of the game.

Suter has three goals this season and currently leads the team in assists (33) and a +/- 26.