And the only “winner” is… Mike Fisher!

Going into the 2012 NHL Awards, the Nashville Predators had three players and one general manager in the running for five awards. Pekka Rinne was up for the EA Sports’ NHL 13 cover and the Vezina Trophy. Shea Weber was up for the Norris Trophy. Mike Fisher was up for the NHL Foundation Award. And David Poile was up for General Manager of the Year award.

Only one of them won out of those three awards. Find out who it was after the jump.

Mike Fisher was the only winner for an “award” that doesn’t get too much respect, although it should. The NHL Foundation Award is considered by most a “minor award”. This award is given to the player who gives most to the community. Fisher has done so and Nashville and deserves this award.

Meanwhile, David Poile, Shea Weber and Pekka Rinne were all disappointed that they lost the awards they were nominated for. I promise you, they won’t lose much sleep, but maybe a fan will.

Shea Weber lost the Norris Trophy to Erik Karlsson of the Ottawa Senators. I believe that was the wrong decision because Karlsson isn’t the defenseman a coach would put out against a team’s top line to shut them down. However, Zdeno Chara and Shea Weber are.

Erik Karlsson shouldn’t have won the award because he is more of a forward, than a defenseman. I would have been okay with Chara winning it, because he was my pick, but Karlsson?!? Nah!

The reason Karlsson did win it though was because the Canadian media was up in all the hype about how great of a player he is when he really isn’t that great. Don’t get me wrong, Karlsson is good, but not great.

Shea Weber finished second in the voting, once again and lost by only twelve votes. A very slim margin to lose by. Ryan Suter finished eighth.

In the Jack Adams Award, Ken Hitchcock won it respectively. Congratulations to him and the St. Louis Blues, as he deserved to win it. Barry Trotz finished fifth in voting for coach of the year.

David Poile finished third in the General Manager of the Year Award. Poile finished behind winner, Doug Armstrong of the St. Louis Blues and Dale Tallon of the Florida Panthers.

Pekka Rinne ended up losing to Claude Giroux in the NHL 13 Cover Vote that so many Smashvillians voted for. That is a tough one to lose because it was the fans that spent so much time voting, to only end up short.

Not only did Rinne lose the NHL 13 Cover Vote, but lost the Vezina Trophy as well. It isn’t a surprise though. Henrik Lundqvist, the winner, and Jonathan Quick finished ahead of Pekka.

Mike Fisher finished seventh in the Selke Trophy voting. That award goes to the forward who has the best defensive aspects of their game. Patrice Bergeron won the award.

Finally, the Hart Trophy was awarded to Evgeni Malkin of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Pekka Rinne finished seventh and Shea Weber finished thirteenth in the voting for MVP.