Apologies to the Readers

Hello there Fang Faction readers! I know that Jake Old and I haven’t been giving you the best coverage and news since the Nashville Predators’ season was over, but I would like to apologize on behalf of both of us for the lack of posts.

We have both been very busy lately and will be giving you some of the best coverage in the Nashville blogging community starting Tuesday night.

For example, the next few posts may be: 

EA Sports NHL 13 Cover Vote Updates
2012 Men’s World Championship Recap
Western and Eastern Conference Thoughts
Nashville Predators’ Player Evaluation
2011-2012 Nashville Predators’ Season in Review
NHL Awards Finalists
2012 NHL Stanley Cup Finals Preview
Ex-Preds in the Stanley Cup Finals

Check Fang Faction starting this Tuesday for some GREAT coverage around the NHL.