Famous radio personality sues Predators

According to “The City Paper”, famous Nashville radio personality, Adam Davis, aka “Intern Adam” of 107.5 The River, is suing the Nashville Predators and Bridgestone Arena management because he broke his ankle in a pre-game rehearsal of an on-ice bit last December.

Once Davis broke his ankle, he was taken to Vanderbilt Hospital where screws were placed in his ankle. Davis is now looking for $25,000 to recover the medical bills.

You can read the whole story here, by Pierce Greenberg. See the video after the jump.

This video was shot by the 107.5 The River Youtube page. (Caution, there is crude language.)

My thoughts

As a Nashville Predators’ fan, to see another “fan” suing the organization and Bridgestone Arena for breaking his ankle makes me angry. Here is my reasons why…

For one, he is an idiot for leading feet first into the boards! Second, as a Predators “fan”, why  would he sue a team he roots for? Third, it is his own fault for not trying to turn and get his feet out of the way.

Also, as the Nashville Predators do on a regular basis, if a person want to go on the ice, he/she has to sign a waiver that says things like it is not our [the Predators’] responsibility if anything happens on the ice. So, if this waiver was signed by “Intern Adam”, he has no case and there will be no lawsuit occurring and he has no case.