Fan Reaction: NHL 13 Cover

One of the most famous games in all of the world, EA Sports’ NHL, have competitive voting on who will be on the next game’s cover. Unlike the EA Sports’ Madden games, there isn’t a curse. It might actually benefit you. Steven Stamkos was on the NHL 12 cover and he scored 60 goals! It is all about worldly recognition. Who doesn’t want to be on the cover?

I ask for fan reaction, only because I like it, and would like to see fans battle each other for their player to be on the cover. I want you to comment on which cover is the best, created by the fans, and who should be on the NHL 13 cover.

We will begin with the best covers. There will be five options to choose from. Choose one, and comment!

#1. Pekka Rinne                                   #2. Jonathan Quick

#3. Brad Richards                                #4. Martin Brodeur

#5. Shane Doan

Funniest Covers. You know the rules.

#1. Scott Hartnell “Hartnell Down”          #2. Creepy Datsyuk

#3. Scott Hartnell vs “Hulk Hogan”          #4. George Parros K.O. 

#5. Artem Anisimov Sniping the ‘Tender

Best Nashville Predators’ Cover

#1. Pekka Rinne 1                                 #2. Mike Fisher

#3. Pekka Rinne 2                                 #4. Pekka Rinne 3

#5. Shea Weber                                    #6. Pekka Rinne vs Jonathan Quick

#7. Pekka Rinne 4

Don’t forget to comment and voice your opinion’s on which cover is the best and funniest.