Farewell, Fang Faction

GoodbyeBack in February of 2011, a professor of mine asked me if I would like to contribute to a Nashville Predators blog. Of course, I was excited, and I joined a fellow MTSU student, Seth, in the creation of a Predators blog for Bloguin.

If you’re one of the original fans of the site, you probably remember Seth (he went by “Streeski” in most of his posts). He’s the guy who held a contest for a free jersey. He’s the guy who watched Milwaukee Admirals games. He wrote some great things for the site, and he inexplicably disappeared right before this season began.

When we began coming up with ideas, Seth knew just what he wanted for the design, the logo and everything, and worked with one of the Bloguin designers to get everything exactly as he saw it in his head, and the end result (which is still the logo for the site) looked spectacular.

I was tasked with the name. Seth’s thinking was that, as a writer and a musician, I should be creative enough to think of something clever that didn’t sound too corny or contrived. We bounced a few ideas around, but ultimately, nothing was working.

So I enlisted the help of my older brother, Jeremy, who—as soon as I asked him—threw out “Fang Faction: The Best Pucking News in Nashville. I thought it was brilliant.

Obviously the “Nashville” part of the subhead would become “Smashville,” naturally, but it was still his original idea. Seth and I both agreed that it was a good name, and we went from there.

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The latter part of the season was a whole lot of fun to cover. Because I am primarily trained in a newspaper-writing background, my writing for the blog reflected that. Seth’s style, however, was a bit more relaxed and laid-back. It is a blog after all.

When the playoffs came around, and the Predators were looking good, we were all excited. It was a special moment for me, as I was writing about the game six that sent Nashville into the second round for the first time ever.

We had every second covered during the playoff run, even enlisting other people to help out (Seth had a friend do a few recaps, and he had another person run the Twitter account). At the same time, the site was growing every day—I couldn’t believe how many people were reading the simple things I was posting.

That offseason was weird for me. I wasn’t sure how to cover the offseason moves, and Seth did a few posts, but ultimately I remained quiet until Wade Belak’s passing.

Early in the season, I was busy with school work. It was my senior year of college, and I was dealing with everything that comes with that. I had just assumed that Seth was keeping up with the site. However, I went to check it out one day, just to read the things that he had been posting, and I was shocked with what I saw.

Everything on the front page was written by me. Seth had not written anything in months.

I wasn’t sure what to do; I tried contacting him but couldn’t get in touch. He apparently had dropped the site from his priorities and never said a word.

Right then, I could have just closed down the site. I didn’t really have the time to keep a reputable hockey blog going all by myself, and with short notice, I could not think of anyone to replace him.

But I decided to keep chugging along and posting whenever I had a spare moment. It wasn’t great, but it was still alive. Until one day I got an email from Ben, the head guy at Bloguin.

It was a simple forward of a message he had received and he simply asked, “Do you want this guy on your site or not?”

Below was the message that was sent from the founder of Fang Fingers, another Predators hockey blog, in which he was saying that he thought he had the talent to take the next step, and with the tools from Bloguin, that he could make a really great hockey blog.

He came at exactly the right time. Even after he got here, I didn’t have much time for posts, and he took on the role of defacto-leader. Before he arrived, Fang Faction was slowly dying. But he turned it into a thriving, successful blog once again.

Right now I am in the middle of a summer internship with The Tennessean, writing for their features section. It’s a full-time job, and even then it extends into nights and weekends (especially this week with Bonnaroo and the CMA Festival going on), and so I literally have even less time.

It’s become apparent to me that if I cannot give everything I have to this blog, and even force it into the small moments of free time that I have, then I really shouldn’t be writing for it anymore.

So I am moving on from Fang Faction, but it will always have a special place for me. I will certainly be returning to the site very often to get my Nashville Predators news, and of course I will keep in touch with everyone here. I can’t wait to see the new talent brought in to help out once I’m gone.

I want to thank everyone who has helped this site get as far as it has now, and of course thank everyone who read the things I’ve posted on here. It’s been a fun experience and I am a better writer because of it.

Thanks, guys.

– Jake

P.S. – GO PREDS!!!!