March 15, Save The Date!

The talk in the last couple of years in Smashville has been, “Will Radulov come back?”. Answers have usually been like, “I doubt it.”, “I don’t know.”, or “I don’t really want him back.” Now, answers to that question are, “I hope so.”, “If he does…”, or “I want him back.” The latest news on Alexander Radulov have been leaked. Read more after the jump.

News is now starting to clear up as reliable sources have been reporting some good news to Predators fans. Listening to Dmitry Chesnokov, from Yahoo! Sports, on Smashville On The Glass talk about the situation and reading tweets from Pavel Lysenkov, of SovSports. 

Here are a couple of tweets from Pavel Lysenkov.

If he was to come back to Nashville, will he be welcomed back with open arms? Alex Radulov will have to get a couple of points if he wants to win our points back. And if he was to return to the Predators, at Bridgestone Arena, it would be a HOT ticket to get. 

Another thing to keep in mind is his “knee injury” that has been reported. If he was to play in his first game back, and he left the game with an injury, Radulov would be a marked man in Nashville. Alex can not screw the people of Smashville over, again. That is a huge risk for David Poile as if Radulov was to get injured in the first game back and be out for the season, that would mean his contract is up.

Save the date of March 15. According to Pavel Lysenkov, as you can see in the tweet above, Jay Grossman, Radulov’s agent, will give an announcement March 15 on whether or not Alex Radulov will return. Depending on where Grossman, Radulov, and Medvedev announce it, we could possible hear the news March 14. Since Moscow is ahead in time by 8 hours, Nashville could hear the news March 14 at 11 PM-March 15 at 11 AM. That will be a tough 12 hours to stay awake for the news. 

Currently, right now in Florida, the NHL is hosting the annual General Managers meeting. Apparently, there is a lot of talk on the Alexander Radulov situation. There could be talks that Bettman won’t let him back into the NHL without a fine, or will only let him back by a certain date. Just pure speculation, don’t take my word for it. Also, some rival GMs to the Nashville Predators are “complaining” about his return, per Darren Dreger. 

If Alexander Radulov was to return, the offensive depth would be insane. Radulov would most likely be placed on the third line with maybe Craig Smith and Colin Wilson. That could be potentially, the most dangerous 3rd line in the NHL. The depth at offense would just be insane to think about. As Mark Willoughby said during the Predators NOW! Pre-Game show, “When you look at teams who have won the Stanley Cup, the 3rd line players have been very productive and have contributed to timely goals.” He mentioned the Chicago Blackhawks’ 3rd line when they won the Cup. Kris Versteeg, Dustin Byfuglien, and Dave Bolland were just amazing.

Having a good 3rd line can really help a team win the Stanley Cup. With Alexander Radulov returning, that is what the Nashville Predators will have. 

My Prediction

Just as simple blogger that lives south of Nashville with no insider information or inside knowledge, but here is my prediction on if he returns. I believe that Alexander Radulov will return by March 15, the said date. It would only make sense for him. If he returned, we could make a run for the Stanley Cup.

This will be a fun 72 hours!