NHL officially in a lockout

It is now official, the National Hockey League is in a lockout. This will be the NHL commissioner’s third lockout–1994-95, 2004-05 and now the 2012-? lockout. In the ’94-’95 lockout, the season was only cut to 48 games, while during the ’04-’05 lockout the season was completely cancelled.

News Photo: Commissioner Gary Bettman of the National Hockey League…

Causing three lockouts is not ideal for any commissioner and has caused outraged fans to really hate him. In fact, they want him removed as the NHL commissioner. Now let’s take a look at what has happened so far this season to prevent another lockout.
What has happened so far…

July 14: NHL makes first move in CBA negotiations

August 14: NHLPA makes their first proposal

August 28: NHL makes second proposal

August 31: NHL and NHLPA break off talks

September 10: Sides agree to a “waiver”

September 12: Sides exchange meaningful proposals

September 15: NHL has locked out the players.

When one looks at the amount of time there was in June, July, August and early September to get as many proposals in before September 15, it seems outrageous that the NHL and the National Hockey League Players’ Association couldn’t get a deal done in time. Honestly, it looks like both sides procrastinated.

In late August, early September there were much more meetings and conversations to work out a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, but they were just too far apart. The owners have just been too avarice about getting a new CBA to agree upon.

Now, both sides are going to have to get a new CBA done before October 10, or they will lose games. Hockey is at an all-time high and it would be a huge blow to the sport, especially the NHL, if there were to be another lockout.

The worst thing about this lockout is of course the fans not being able to watch hockey. But that is what overshadows the real problem that truly affects people’s lives. That is workers for the NHL will not get paid. Janitors, ice girls, security, concession stand workers, ticket sellers and so many more jobs and people will not make much, if any, money during this lockout.

Also, it affects the city. Nashville city mayor Karl Dean isn’t happy about the lockout. It affects the entire economy not only of Nashville, but the 29 other cities as well. Good, hard-working businesses will be shut down because less people are coming to the area. Less people means less money is being spent. There is a lot of money to be made during those 41 plus games at home for those businesses, but it will lose thousands of dollars if there is a lockout and prevents fans from seeing hockey.

This lockout just doesn’t affect the players and owners. It affects the fans, businesses and workers. NHL and NHLPA, let’s get a deal done so the economy of the 30 cities doesn’t go down the toilet.