One Year Down, Many More to Go

On this date, June 26, 2011, I decided I was going to start my own Nashville Predators blog so I could express my opinions and get experience in reporting news. Even before this date, and still today, I want to become a beat reporter for an NHL team at a local newspaper company. I thought my blog, “Fang Finger” could help me in doing so.

If you haven’t seen the original “Fang Finger” blog, check it out here. It is horrible, low-key and didn’t give the best information because I didn’t know where and how to get the best information. 

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During the time of my writing on the first “Fang Finger” site, I had little followers and readers. I felt that my work was being unnoticed due to the impatient person I am. 

While I was writing on the first “Fang Finger” site, I was also doing broadcasts on Blog Talk Radio for a show I created called, “The 7th and 12th Man Sports Show”. It still lives on today, but not on BTR.

On Blog Talk Radio, I started to get familiar with shows and started listening to them and interacting in the chat room. The show I loved to listen to, and still do, was called “The Program”. The Program is still on Blog Talk Radio and hosted by Chris Wassel, who is a very knowledgeable hockey writer on several different sites and blogs. You can listen to his show here

Chris Wassel and I interact often, talking about his New Jersey Devils, my Nashville Predators, or just hockey in general. 

To get back to the “Fang Finger” blog and the Nashville Predators, my father ran into another well-known writer in Smashville named, Kristopher Martel. Kris is the editor of a blog cleverly named, “The Predatorial”, which you can find here

Kris was looking for some extra writers for his blog, but I didn’t want to leave my site. I wanted to build something great with me leading it. Although I didn’t hop on board The Predatorial writing staff, we still keep in touch and have him on my podcast ever so often.

Speaking of the podcast, that is where I lead myself now. Thanks to Jeff Nelson, aka “Cowpote”, he led me to a site called “TalkShoe”. “On that site, it is free and easy to use,” he said.

I didn’t like the site at first, but it stuck with me and started using it. There, you can find the 7th and 12th Man Sports Show I was talking about earlier. Then, I decided I wanted to create a Nashville Predators based podcast instead of bundling it all together on one show. So, I created a show that still lives on today called, “Predators NOW!”. You can check it out here.

Soon after that was created, the original “Fang Finger” blog had to be shut down due to overload of spam. Even before it was shut down, I was working on a new blog that would make my writing look and be better. So, the second Fang Finger site was born here.

My writing was getting noticed more and my Twitter followers were going up. Also, my blog was getting put on more and more blog rolls. I was happy with my accomplishments as the season was progressing.

After two to three months of writing on the newest Fang Finger site, I decided that I wanted to move up to the big leagues and possibly get my writing on the YardBarker Network. Soon after, I contacted Bloguin to see if I could write on “Fang Faction”, where I am now. The Bloguin people accepted me and I was as happy as ever.

I joined Fang Faction with lead writer, Jake Old. The site was going downhill fast and needed some help. Jake was one of the original writers of the site, but due to school and other priorities, along with myself, he couldn’t write everything. So, I was glad to help him out.

For the rest of the season, I was writing with Jake Old as we helped each other cover the best Predators news as possible. The blog was really starting to mold into something great!

Although, shortly after the season was over, Fang Faction lost Jake Old to pursue bigger and better things in his life. Now, he is an intern at The Tennessean and you can read his goodbye post here.

After Jake Old told me he decided to stop writing for the blog, I started looking for new writers that could make Fang Faction, “The Best Pucking News in Smashville”. I started out looking for an extra writer, then two extra writers and finally settled on three extra writers.

Luckily, I was able to find three gentlemen with writing potential with great insight. Jason Bohn, an AHL off-ice official, joined the blog to cover the Milwaukee Admirals. Ryan Shannon joined the blog to report Western Conference news. Lastly, Ray Harris joined to contribute Nashville Predators news. They are all still here and ready for the season.

During my time in the blogging community in Smashville, I have gotten to know other bloggers and receive help from them. Let me go down the list of all the bloggers who have helped me, joined the Predators NOW! podcast and those who I’ve become very familiar with.

Dan Bradley: Predlines
Mark Willoughby: The View From 111
Kristopher Martel: The Predatorial
Dirk Hoag: On the Forecheck
Ryan Porth: Smashville 24/7
Chris Wassel: The Program
Buddy Oakes: Preds On the Glass
AJ in Nashville: Predators AJenda
Patten Fuqua: Puck Scene
Justin Bradford: Monday Night Forehand

I appreciate what these people have done to grow my readers, listeners and followers. I appreciate the advice as well.

For those who wonder how I got the alias of, “Fang Finger” here is my answer. It goes back to the first blog where the name just stuck. My alias will be revealed in 3 years. Don’t hold your breathe for it though.

Keep on enjoying the writing I post, and hopefully I write about hockey for many, many more years to come.

Thanks everyone! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, @Fang_Finger.