Preds fans! Five things to be excited for in the upcoming HBO24/7 Season

HBO announced that they will, yet again, put on HBO 24/7 for the month leading up to the Winter classic in the upcoming season. Besides the often entertaining personality tidbits, such as discovering M. Universe last year and watching Hartnell and the gang dance to Knock Knock, the show does a magnificent job covering the intricate details of an NHL player and team’s life(style).

Last year, HBO 24/7 offered little in terms of direct value to Preds fans (except of course an amazing show). However, this year, things will be a bit different. The show will follow the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings, and will have some interesting ties to the Nashville Predators.

After the jump is a list of the 5 most exciting moments for Predators fans in the 2012 HBO 24/7. And hey, if I forgot anything, or you have something to add, hit me up in the comments or let me know on the twittersphere @CanadasPredsFan

                          Ending of the Rangers vs Flyers HBO 24/7 series

5. Predators @ Toronto, December 13th
The Predators will be in Toronto for an away game on December 13th, which will probably the be the second episode of filming. Although the away team visiting the covered team rarely gets much coverage, this will be our first chance to see the current Predators up close and personal in the new season.

4. Cody Franson and Matt Lombardi
Franson was drafter by the Predators in 2005 and played a couple of seasons (141 games) with the Predators. I personally enjoyed Franson quite a bit, and if he manages to crack the leafs top six next year, which he should, then he will be one of the many players covered extensively during the season. 
Lombardi was also a Predators but due to concussion injuries he didn’t get many games in (2). What could be interesting with 24/7 is if they go into his injury recovery process. 
It will also be interesting to see if Trotz gets camera time visiting these two players when they visit each other in December. 
Franson in his first season as a Predator

3. The Jordin Tootoo Story
Hey, I’m as pissed as you about Toots joining the Red Wings. But seeing him on 24/7 will definitely be super cool. I would even hazard to suggest that he might be a pretty well covered character. None the less, just getting an inside view of Tootoo in the dressing room, off the ice and doing his extra curricular activities will be great. 
Err… that is if he cracks the NHL roster. 

2. Nashville vs Detroit, December 16th 
Right after the Predators play in Toronto, they come home to face the Red Wings. Which means we will have HBO cameras throughout Bridgestone, and since it’s the Red Winds we might even get a bit of background on the rivalry. We could also see if Tootoo has any hurt feelings with his former team mates. To be honest I am very excited about this game (which will probably also be in the second episode). With any like there might be a nice little mini-feature on the Predators and a nice tour of the Bridgestone. 

1. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer
For one whole month we get to live in the oppositions barracks! Our (arguably) most heated rivalry and we get front row seats to their intricate ways. Is Babcock a spazz like Tortorella and Boudreau were? Or good ole nice guy like Bylsma. What are Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Kromwall etc like off ice? Maybe they’re all as weird as Bryzgalov. Or maybe we will learn to love them? Hopefully not. 
Maybe we'll even air out this bit of dirty laundry