Preds Highlights from across the world: Week 3

Craig Smith Show; Sergei Kostitsyn’s OT Winner; Pekka Rinne looking for qualified Defence – Apply within; Josi and SC Bern beat Thorton, Nash, HC Davos. 

Craig Smith

Smith’s team, Kalpa, split a weekend double header against Saipa in the Finnish league. Smith recorded two points and both games went to a shootout. In the Friday night contest, Smith scored the team’s only goal. 

Smith is #51 in Black. This first set of highlights is all Craig Smith. It’s a Craig Smith Palooza. 

0:36 for a Smith’s nice 1 timer set up that the teammate cannot bury. 
0:53 For a Saipa goal
1:20 For Smith’s enthusiastic Back Check that leads to a Penalty Shot
1:46 for Smith’s goal
2:11 for Smith’s shootout goal

The Second game was more of the same, a Craig Smith show. The Pred is really making his presence felt in the SM-Liiga

Smith is 51 in Yellow
0:10 for the Scariest Mascot of life, even the cheerleaders after aren’t enough to get this guy out of your head. 
0:15 for Smith’s assist, which leads to a beautiful wrap-around goal for Kalpa
0:39 for Smith’s great effort in front leading to a goal 
1:00 for Saipa’s first goal
1:19 for Saipa’s second goal
1:35 for an amazing shootout goal by Saipa

Disclaimer: In the last week the KHL has been releasing both Russian and English highlight packages. The English highlight packages feature terrible commentary, less footage and awful commentary. Further, the commentary on the English highlights is really really bad. As a result, I will continue posting the Russian highlights until the English versions meet my elitist standards. For your consideration, this week I have included the English version of one of Sergei Kostitsyn’s games. Please, if you listen to this and thing “great Zeus, I want more of these guys” do tweet me or leave me a comment. My opinion on these guys might be wrong, this may surprise some of you but I have been wrong before; once when I was 8. Have a great week everyone, Go Preds!

Sergei Kostitsyn

Kostitsyn is doing great with Avangard Omsk. He scored a awkward great OT winner vs Atlant Moscow on Wednesday night. As mentioned above, this is the English commentary on the goal… brace yourselves players. 

1:32 for the OT game winner. 

Kostitsyn’s second game of the week was this Saturday where Avangard edged Dinamo Riga, beating them 4-2. Kostitsyn had an empty net goal and an assist in the game, furthering his point streak (5 points in 3 games)

0:30 Checking from behind and Game misconduct penalty
1:00 Kostitsyn’spowerplay line gets a goal
1:50 Goal Riga
2:40 Kostitsyn gets a great assist, but the whole play, starting at 2:20 shows some really awesome hardwork by the Pred. Also, cheerleader close up following the goal.
3:20 Goal Riga
3:54 Another Checking from behind and Game misconduct penalty
5:40 Goal for Avangard
6:38 for Kostitsyn’s Empty net goal.

Pekka Rinne
Pekka had two games this week and is again being left hung out to dry left and right by his defensive core. His first game, against Dinamo Riga, was a 2-1 OT Loss, where Rinne saved 25/27 shots (.926 sv%, 1.92 GAA). Evander Kane got laid out a couple times as well, which for some reason the cameras/commentators seemed to love. Rinne’s team just isn’t very good defensively. The first goal on Rinne was a nice snapper from just outside the hashmarks that went top shelf glove side… but Rinne would have had it if he wasn’t screened by not one but both his defenders. The second goal, in OT, was a 3 on 0 after his defenders, yet again, failed to clear the puck and left Rinne completely out to dry. Other than that he played pretty well, making some good saves. Rinne also seems to have a curse in the KHL where the opposing goalies step up when he plays them (which isn’t the case in the following game though, which was a goaltending disaster). 

Minsk Goal: 0:40; Kane gets crunched: 1:20; Goal on Rinne: 1:40; More Damage on E. Kane: 3:19, 4:23; Ot Winner on Rinne: 6:00

Thursday, Minsk playedDonbass Donetsk in what was a total shootout. Rinne faced 41 shots, allowing 4 goals (.902 sv%). Luckily, where his defence failed his offence picked it up and scored 5 goals on 21 shots against goaltender Erik Ersberg, whose Sv% from the last 5 seasons suggests that he sucks less (avg 92.5).  This 7 minute video has 9 goals and is worth just watching the whole thing, but if that doesn’t float your boat then here is a break down:

0.16 Goal Donbass (Another weird angle goal on Rinne)
0:54 Goal Minsk (PP) (Nice Slapper)
1:33 Goal Minsk (PP) Snapper, bad angle, Decent
2:18 Goal Minsk (Delayed Penalty) Cross crease one timer (NHL 11 special)
2:47 Goal Minsk  BEAUTY GOAL Really nice!!
3:48 Goal Minsk (PP) Slapper from the point, Weber-Esque
4:40 Goal Donbass (PP) Crashed the net, centering pass
5:00 Goal Donbass AWFUL ANGLE …Rinne is struggling from low and to the side, ridiculous
5:56 Rinne messes up behind the net but recovers. No Goal
6:20 Goal Donbass  … Turnover, shot from the slot
7:17 Rinne Massive last minute save


Patric Hornqvist – 1 Assist in game vs HC Ajoie

Hornqy is playing with HC Red ice in the Swiss national B league and I have dramatically overlooked him in my last two weekly roundups. He had a two point game in a 5-4 shootout loss vs EHC Olten the video of that can be found here but it does not feature any Hornqvist highlights. The team then lost 3-2 to HC Ajoie, but Hornqvist got a point in that game as well. The video below shows his assist. 

I will continue looking for videos oh Patric’s play, but the it’s been difficult to track down videos from the National B league.

Skip to 3:37 for the assist.

Hornqvist played again on Friday and Sunday. HC Red IC split a double header with EHC VISP, the lost the first game 5-2, where Hornqvist was pointless but recorded 4 shots. In the second game Hornqvist got his second assist with the team in a 4-2 win. Oddly, the league’s website does not record +/- . I’ll post video’s if I find them.

Roman Josi
Speaking about highlights that are difficult to find … Roman Josi played 3 games this week, he had an assist in a Tuesday game vs Ambri-Piotta, a game that Bern won 5-3. Josi comes off looking a bit bad on Ambri’s second goal, but made up for it with a pretty nice assist. Tavares had a 3 point night. 

Josi is #90 in White
0:28 For goal where he looks a bit slow
1:21 for the assist. 

Following that game, Josi’s team faced off twice on the weekend, the first was a Friday game against the traditionally very strong club of HC Davos. This year Davos has added Joe Thorton and Central division Rival Rick Nash to the team for some added fun. Josi had 5 shots on goal, one of which went in, and Bern beat Davos by a score of 6-3. Unfortunately the highlights of this game have yet to make their way to Youtube (to the best of my searching ability) so I will link you to the site. Nash scored once for Davos. 

I recommend this click, it shows all 9 goals in 160 seconds. It’s a nice highlight package. 
0:52 for Rick Nash’s goal. 
1:57 for Josi’s nice slapper goal.,70804/de/sport/eishockey/videos/?asset_id=131000&page=1

Josi went on to play a third game on Saturday where the he was pointless and a -2 in the team’s 4-3 loss. Some highlights for that game are below. (Includes a Penalty Shootout)

Thanks for reading this weeks Preds highlights! Join my Wednesday where I will do a separate post for all Preds Prospects from across the world! Have a solid Day.