Radulov returns to Russia

Alexander Radulov will return to the KHL to play another season. This time, he will be playing for CSKA, not Ufa Salavat. According to Slava Malamud of Sport-Express, Radulov has signed a 4-year deal worth $36 million with CSKA.

Here is Malamud’s tweet:

It was reported earlier that Radulov was going to return to the KHL in Russia due to the potential of a lockout in the NHL. Radulov wanted a one year deal, so if there was lockout, he could return to an NHL club as soon as possible. Although, the owners of CSKA wanted a long-term deal with him, and once again Radulov was sucked into the deal.

Alexander Radulov has been sucked into a life in the KHL now. In signing a four year deal with CSKA has ended his career in the NHL. No general manager will want a guy like that on his team. He will want a lot of money, but will never get it in the NHL. His skills will decrease as the seasons in the KHL go by.

You think he wasn’t good this season? Just wait in the next few years if he returns. Radulov is a huge liability that no team wants to have in the NHL.