Ryan Suter signs with Minnesota

Ex-Nashville Predators’ defenseman, Ryan Suter has signed with the Minnesota Wild. Also, highly touted free agent forward, Zach Parise signed with Minnesota as well. Suter and Parise’s contract is 13 years and worth $98 million. Read more after the jump.

Both players are apparent good friends and talked a lot during this transition to their new team. Nashville and New Jersey took quite a hit Wednesday in losing leadership and skill on their teams. In both cities, the fan bases didn’t take it well. It absolutely sucks, plain and simple.

As I have been saying (or writing) since the night of July 2, Ryan Suter was not going to return with the Nashville Predators. Some people questioned me as being impatient or unfair. Well, here my philosophy to the situation.

Suter received all the offers he could get on July 1, including the Predators’ offer in June. When Suter decided not to sign with the Predators on July 2 after seeing the best offers on the table from other teams around the league with Poile’s “firm” offer, the deal with Nashville was basically declined.

Poile has offered Suter a deal since June, supposedly. For him not to say yes on July 2 to an offer from Poile after seeing other offers meant that he wasn’t going to be back in a gold and blue jersey next season.

And don’t give me that bull crap that Suter wanted to talk with his family before the decision on July 4. He has had all the time in the world to talk with his family and agent since late May to July 2 to say yes to a deal. Suter knew who was going to offer him a contract and where he wanted to play. There is no doubt in my mind.

After reading quotes from the David Poile conference call, many say he was extremely disappointed including himself saying, “I am very disappointed and surprised.” “Today this is very very very disappointing,” said Poile.

Later in the conference, Poile said, “Suter said it clearly wasn’t about the money. We didn’t have a chance to make a counter-offer to him.” Now, if you are a Preds fan and that doesn’t make you mad, I don’t know what will. Poile wasn’t able to counter-offer a deal to Suter! Ryan Suter signed the contract too quick before he could hear what Poile had to say. There could have been a better offer on the table by the Predators, who knows?

The thirteen year contract was offered by Poile. It all depends on how much money was included in this thirteen year offer. Poile has this to say when asked about the thirteen year contract, “Were we willing to offer him a 13 year contract? Absolutely, we did.”

This next quote may make you more mad than the last quote. “In November, Ryan said he’s not going anywhere else and he is signing with Nashville,” said Poile. So, Ryan Suter lied to Poile. Wow.

Now the attention goes to Shea Weber and what Poile is going to do with him. Trade him or sign him. Whatever it is, it better benefit the Nashville Predators. Poile can not let a similar event like Suter happen again. It just can’t happen.

Let these dates be marked on your calender and let all the frustration and hatred of Ryan Suter run out of you. 

December 1, Saturday night at 7:07 PM CT
March 9, Saturday night at 7:07 PM CT.

Ah yes, Bridgestone Arena will be rocking on Saturday night and you can bet your butt that it is going to be loud!