Video Recap: Preds Highlights from across the world Week 4

Hello everyone! I welcome you today after what was an emotional roller coaster for hockey hopefuls. All of a sudden we were a throwing stone away from an 82 game season and just as suddenly we have never been further. It wasn’t all bad news though; the Admirals did kick off their season last week and will be a constant source of some Preds entertainment. You can check out some of my homeboy Jason’s coverage of the Admirals on the front page of this very site. I however, will be travelling to Europe for some sweet succulent Hockey highlights. Care to join me? 

Kostitsyn 2 goals and a shootout winner in 3 games

Another productive week for Sergei Kostitsyn, playing three games with Avangard and contributed a goal, an empty net goal and a shootout winner. What a guy! He has 7 points in 6 KHL games. Oh and his team went 3 for 3 this week. They are hot. The videos are below, organized from most to least emphatic. Check out Kostitsyn’s game shootout winner in the first video.

Avangard 3, Severstal 2 (SO)
0:59 Really nice goal for Severstal. Significantly less nice celebration
1:35 Kostitsyn on a 2 on 1 shellfish buffet.
2:55 goal for Avangard
3:49 goal Severstal
4:36 game saving save on a breakaway by Avangard goalie
5:32 Avangard ties it up with 4 seconds left. Weber like goal.  Significantly awesome celebration
6:29 Kostitsyn’s first shootout attempt misses
7:41 Kostitsyn’s shootout game winner (Today, Redemption is spelt K-O-S-T-I-T-S-Y-N)

Avangard 2, Donbass 1

0:57 Avangard Goal
1:58 Kostitsyn’s goal (He really looks like he’s having fun)
2:54 Brutal hit from behind
4:18 Donbass Goal

Avangard 5, Spartak 3. Kostitsyn’s empty netter. 

0:57 Avangard goal
2:17 Avangard goal, one of the worst breakaway finishes I have ever seen…like really bad
3:56 Spartak Goal
4:49 Spartak Goal, Avangard defender randomly wipes out, leads to goal. 
6:07 Avangard goal (Power Play)
6:50 Avangard goal
7:20 Kostitsyn’s Empty Netter (pretty dull)
7:34 Spartak goal

Hornqvist gets 7 points in 3 games…
Hornqvist had a tank week getting 3 goals and 4 assists in 3 games since Tuesday. Hornqvist had one goal in a 3-2 win vs HC Thurgau on Tuesday and another goal vs HC Ajoie on Sunday – but they lost that game 3-2. But, his biggest night came in a Derby match vs SC Sierre, which is apparently a big Derby match. Sierre is 30 minutes away from Martingy (Red Ice’s home) and the teams have quite the rivalry. Hornqvist took the team on his shoulders contributing on 5 of the team’s 6 goals and propelling them to a 6-3 win. In fact, the only goal he didn’t contribute on was the empty netter in the 57th minute mark. 

Now unfortunately I have failed you, and I am unable to find any video highlights from any of the 3 games played. It’s the Switzerland B Ligue and it’s a bit difficult to find anything. If I get my hands on a video I will be sure to update. As an apology, here is a video of one fan throwing a deck chair at another fan in a kerfuffle before the Sierre vs Red Ice game. 

Craig Smith quiets down but gets the Shootout Winner

EDIT OCT 23rd: Added video of Craig Smith’s “Fight” (he dropped the gloves and bear hugged). It’s still a really nice highlights package. See below the shooutout goal. 
You can’t expect Smith to have every week like last weeks blistering performance and this week certainly wasn’t. Smith had no goals and no assists in 3 games. But Smith was still busy; in the 1-0 loss to the Blues, Smith picked up a 4 minute penalty for “Violence” and a 10 minute game misconduct and at the same time Tommy Huhtala got a 10 and 2. Did they fight? I am desperately trying to find the video to see if Honey Badger dropped the gloves in Finland. That would be interesting for sure. 

What I do have a video of is Smith’s shootout goal vs Karpat to win in 4-3. Skip ahead to 2:43 for the goal. 

Pekka turns away 23 shots in a 3-1 win

Working up to a .95 save percentage, Pekka was a clutch in his team’s only game this week. Dinamo Minsk had an oddly quiet week playing just once, on Wednesday, but in that game they achieved a rare win over Vityaz Cheknov who are one point ahead of them in the West Standings (10th in west) with a game in hand. 

Points of interest:
0:35 goal on Rinne (Rinne cheats a bit on the poke check, gets beat high. Nice goal)
2:02 Minsk Goal
3:07 for some Russian Ice girls (You know it’s a slow game when they make it into the official Highlight package)
3:52 Minsk goal
4:47 Minsk goal (Goalie has no anticipation on the 2 v 1)

Roman Josi, no points, -2 in two games last week. 

Josi was less successful in the last week with his team losing a pair of games by a score of 3-2. Josi was able to get an even plus minus in Friday’s game but fell to a -2 +/- on Saturday. Check out the highlights below of Friday’s loss to ECHB with a goal by Mark Streit (0:22) and an assist by John Tavares (0:40).