Where to play Fantasy Hockey

Hockey fans, it is just about fantasy hockey time! As websites carrying fantasy hockey are starting to open for the 2012-13 seasons, fans are starting to sign up and get into leagues. There are a lot of fantasy hockey sites, but this blog is to notify the fan of some of the best sites to play.

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The season is approaching and you need to sign up before it starts, October 11. However, the schedule is subject to change if there happens to be a lockout.

To ensure yourself and your friends to be in the same league together, it is best to sign up. Either you and your friends can join a league already created together or you can create a league for only your friends to join.

Where to play?

As said earlier, there are many sites that do carry fantasy hockey, but not all are great. Here are some of the best fantasy hockey sites.

  • CBS Sports – Fun and free. Three games of fantasy hockey (Free, Premium and Commissioner).
  • Daily Joust – 100% legal to have a chance at winning money. It does cost money to join.
  • ESPN – One of the best fantasy hockey websites out there. All your information from experts and to play fantasy hockey as well.
  • Fanduel – Make money for your time playing fantasy hockey! Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Sports Illustrated and much more have featured them in their newspaper/magazine.
  • Fantrax – Free and premium versions. Fun game called “NHL Salary Cap” that “build and manage your team throughout the season by claiming, dropping, starting and benching players, based on their real-life performances, all the while making sure that their salaries fit under the team salary cap.”
  • Yahoo! Sports – It isn’t opened yet, however. This is the official fantasy hockey game of the NHL.

Need help?

If your team is struggling, you need to get help from the experts to turn your team around a make a run at the playoffs. There are many sites to go to, but these are some of the best.

  • Fantasy Hockey Coach – Connect with other fantasy hockey fans and get the best information to make your team succeed.
  • NHL.com – Hockey writers who give you stats and updates of rising players on the official NHL website.