All-time Predators Bracket: Round 1

Brackets, they're fun to make, play and watch unfold to compete for bragging rights. With the NCAA Basketball Tournament going on and since many of you are filling out brackets, why not participate in one more? 

Instead of a basketball bracket, it is a Nashville Predators players bracket. You, the readers, will be able to control the outcome by voting below. You will vote for which player you like more throughout the Predators' organization from start to finish. 

There are 32 players and sixteen matchups. Every week or so, the bracket will be updated and those players with the most votes will move onto the next round. After five weeks, the champion will be revealed and will be given the title as "Fan Favorite".

Have any questions? Ask them in the comment section below or contact me via Twitter or by email in the contact form above.

You see the matchups, it is time for you to vote for moves on! (Wait a minute for it to load)