Fisher and Yip go for NHL 14 cover

EA Sports returns the NHL cover vote for the second straight year to allow gamers to vote on who should be the face of NHL 14. As many Predators fans remember, star goalie Pekka Rinne advanced to the finals after advancing through the rounds of 60, 32 and 16; quarterfinals and semifinals. 

In a narrow defeat, Rinne lost the cover vote to Philadelphia Flyers' captain Claude Giroux.

Now, the voting starts up again. This year, the Predators have an unlikely chance of getting as far as Rinne did last season. The representatives of Smashville are Brandon Yip and Mike Fisher.

How hilarious!

These two are will not surpass the round of 32 as Yip, who is a inconsistent fourth liner, and Fisher, who has been out a good portion of the season with injuries, are two unpopular players around the league for the most part. The only hope possible would be from Mr. Underwood as his wife, a famous country music singer, will spread the word to her followers on Twitter and other outlets.

The main goal is to get these two as far as possible to make a joke out of the cover vote.

It is odd that someone like Shea Weber wouldn't be in the running, but there is a chance he told EA Sports he didn't want to be on the cover.

Starting Monday, April 22, voting will open up and fans will have to decide to advance Yip or Fisher. First round voting will last seven days and ending April 28. Fans will be able to vote as many times as they want.


Your Twitter hashtags will be #NHL14CoverVote, #NHL14Fisher and #NHL14Yip.