Injury riddled preds call up Daniel Bang

With injuries to Bourque, Fisher, Yip, Wilson and Gaustad, the Predators are forced to again look at their AHL roster for help, calling up RW Daniel Bang from the Milwaukee Admirals. 

Bang joins Beck, Mueller, Bartley and, the newest call-up, Austin Watson who played his first game on Sunday. The call-ups have been holding their own in their NHL appearances, but the Milwaukee Roster is suffering as they try to close up their season and push for a playoff spot. They currently sit at 8th place in the AHL west. 

Bang is a Swedish Native who has played 50 games with the Admirals this season. He has 8 goals, 12 assists and 21 penalty minutesin his efforts

Watson was -2 in 13 minutes of ice time in his first NHL game, that ended in a 5-3 loss to Chicago.