Josi leaves game after dirty hit by Downie

Nashville Predators defenseman Roman Josi left the game 9:21 into the second period after Colorado Avalanche forward Steve Downie delivered a questionable hit that appeared to be high and after he left his feet. The hit does appear to be suspension worthy, but the referees gave him a mere minor. 

After the hit, Josi went to the dressing room and did not return with what we learned to be an upper body injury. His teammates, Gabriel Bourque and Shea Weber, stook up for him by double teaming an attack on Downie. Later, Eric Nystrom had enough of Downie's antics and dropped the gloves with him.

Downie was definitely getting under Nashville's skin, but in doing so, he could receive discipline from the league's offices this weekend. Prior to this hit Friday, he was suspended for twenty games for a similar hit earlier in his career.