Preds fans get final laugh at Radulov

Saturday morning, USA and Russia faced off in what was the highlight of the men's hockey tournament thus far in Sochi. Team USA was able to pull off a 3-2 shootout victory, with both regulation goals coming on the power play. Putting the Russians on the unsuccessful penalty kill was former Predators forward Alexander Radulov, who fled Nashville and the NHL not once, but twice.

The dope took two bad penalties. The first coming several feet away from the play, cross-checking Dustin Brown. Radulov's second came from a hook in the offensive zone on the backcheck. So to put it simply, the penalties were dumb and lazy, respectively. 

Radulov was singled out after the game by his head coach Zinetula Bilyateldinov. (Quotes from Kevin Allen of USAToday):

"Yes, he needs to be scratched among other things," Bilyaletdinov said through a Olympics-supplied translator.

"We expected more of Radulov," Bilyaletdinov said. "He didn't live up to our expectations."

If you didn't laugh and give your TV the middle finger when he was making the long trek back to the bench, then I question your fan loyalty because I surely did. Hopefully Vladimir Putin can give him a one-way ticket to Siberia in repayment. Have fun and enjoy the weather friend!