PRINT OFF: Ryan Suter as Robin

While in Nashville, Ryan Suter was known as "Robin" to Shea Weber, "Batman". However, on July 4th, Ryan Suter "betrayed" the Nashville Predators' organization and left General Manager David Poile hanging. 

Now, Suter returns to Smashville in front of a Saturday night sold crowd, which has been called as loud as the Roman Coliseum by Ken Hitchcock of the St. Louis Blues. The fans hate him and will welcome not welcome him with hugs and kisses. 

So, to add to the Suter hate, we at Fang Faction want YOU, the fan, to print off this mockery of him. Make sure to press it against the glass for him to see and if you would, print a few out and hand them to people around you or to your friends and family!

Here is the link to priniting the poster off.