Rinne unveils new mask for 2013-14 season

Another year gone by, another cool helmet design by DaveArt and Pekka Rinne. Friday, DaveArt posted photos of the Nashville netminder's mask for the upcoming season after coming off hip surgery earlier this summer.

Below is the reasoning of the design.

Beware…! The Voodoo PredGoalie is here, more furious than ever…! No wonder with all those big bad needles all over the head… Nashville Predators' keeper Pekka Rinne is transformed into a Voodoo doll with this mask on, or maybe more precise a Voodoo Predator doll… And nothing can hold the predator back, not even if it's attached with big bad needles… He is chewing his way out from the Voodoo mask and is ready to play…

The Voodoo Predator is so pumped to play that he is drooling…and he may need to go to a dentist after the game cause I see a tooth flying…

It was a cold windy morning this fall I came up with this idea, Pekka at once gave me green light and I can't tell you enough how fun it was to create! 🙂 I just love to go crazy in detail work.

Love to paint for you Pekka! Thank you all.


Here is the mask Rinne will be wearing this season, pending he does well and doesn't switch to his mask used in 2011-12.

My thoughts: A well designed mask by DaveArt once again and it seems to have fit the liking of Pekka Rinne. Historically, Rinne has loved monsters on his helmet with blue/light blue along the perimeter of the mask. I'd grade this mask an A-.