Top 5 Things Overheard In The Ryan Suter/Seth Jones Hotel Room

News broke a few days ago that former Nashville Predator Ryan Suter and 2013 1st round draft pick Seth Jones would be rooming together at USA Hockey's Olympic orientation camp.

It's almost a given that Team USA General Manager David Poile cooked this up. You know Poile's thinking, "Ryan, here's what you're missing out on. Have fun tossing passes to Zenon Konopka this year!"

With the huge potential for mass awkwardness, it's an opportune time to examine what could go down in the tight quarters of an Arlington, Virginia hotel room. Here are my top 5 things likely to be overheard in the Suter/Jones room:

5. "Seth, why are there Shea Weber posters everywhere? Why are there ones facing the toilet and in the shower?"

4. "When (Ryan) Kesler skates in on you in the scrimmages, make sure you press square to dive."

3. "David Poile suggested I wear number 20 this year. What are your thoughts on that, Ryan?"

2. No Number 2. Undercover FangFaction mole tackled on-site by Jonas Brodin.

1. "Ryan, should I move your suitcase over here or should I ship it to St. Paul to be closer to your family?"

Regardless of how you felt about Suter leaving, he is certainly in the past now. He clearly did not want to be in Nashville beyond the 2011-2012 season. Guess what? The Predators have Seth Jones and a very promising defensive core for the future. Add Jones to Roman Josi, Ryan Ellis and captain Weber and it's looking pretty good. 

If you thought I was grasping at straws by writing about this, just wait until you read my story on who has the best moustach growing potential for "Mo-vember". Just kidding. 

Do expect my columns from here on in to be pretty in-depth. If there's one thing that's true about the this team, it's that there is never an uneventful offseason or season in Nashville. Here's to that trend continuing.