About Us

Fang Faction is a blog managed by fans of the Nashville Predators. We are in no way affiliated with the Nashville Predators or the NHL. We offer in-depth coverage of games and news concerning the Predators, as well as the Milwaukee Admirals at times. Our goal is to offer readers thoughts and opinions from our point of view. We are officially on the Predators’ Press Release List. We are trying to legitimize ourselves in the hockey world. But, more importantly, we are here for the fans of the Nashville Predators!

The people behind Fang Faction:

Managing Editor – Cutler Klein

Columnist – Ray Harris

Milwaukee Admirals beat writer – Bob Modlinski

Columnist – Ramesh Ranjan
Cutler Klein is an aspiring young journalist from New York. He has been a diehard  Predators fan for years, even while living in a sea of Rangers blue. The extent of his hockey playing ability is a pickup game of street hockey. He isn’t shy to wear a Predators jersey to any arena, as he has done in Boston and New York. He also runs Nashville Predators Memes on Facebook and Twitter, as well as Hockey Memes on Facebook. He took over for Fang Finger in May 2014. You can follow him on Twitter @CutlerKlein or the official Fang Faction page @Fang_Faction.

Ray Harris is a 21 year old university student in his final year of a computer science major with a sports and recreation studies minor. Residing in Atlantic Canada, New Brunswick specifically, he often gets hassled for his undying Predators love, but knows that one day he will be basking in Stanley Cup glory. He joined the Predators fan sanctuary during the 2004 first round exit to Detroit. Although having only played ice hockey once or twice, Ray grew up on ice as a speed skater also plays soccer and ball hockey, where he will wear one of the jerseys from his growing collection. His contributions to the blog are in Predators news, reactions and analysis along with ridiculous excel spreadsheet stat analysis.. He looks forward to pleasing all current and future readers. You can follow Ray on Twitter @CanadasPredsFan.

Bob Modlinski is a 2013 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a degree in Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies. Born and raised in the Milwaukee area, it comes as no surprise that he loves his hometown sports teams. Through teachings from his father and grandfather, he has rooted for the Brewers, Bucks, Packers, and of course, Admirals, his whole life. Surrounded by displaced or bandwagon Blackhawks fans in a city without an NHL team, it is only common sense for Bob’s team to be the Predators.  He has watched many former and current Predators skate for the Admirals in his hometown of Milwaukee. Bob’s contributions to Fang Faction will be weekly game reviews/previews, player news, and anything else about the baby Predators that comes across the wire. You can follow Bob on Twitter @Bob__Mod.

Chris Pace, 29 year old Alabama native.  Most people would think since I’m from Alabama football would engulf all of my leisure time.  It’s quite the contrary, I am an avid hockey fan.  I have been a Predators fan since day one of the franchise’s existence.  I attend anywhere from 15 to 20 games per year.  You can follow me on Twitter @ChrisPace01.

Ramesh Ranjan is a Digital Marketer from Vancouver, B.C. He started watching hockey in 1997 and grew up watching his hometown Vancouver Canucks. Following the end of the underdog, gritty “West Coast Express” teams in Vancouver, Ramesh latched onto another underdog, the Nashville Predators and has never looked back since. His favourite NHL player past or present is Peter Forsberg. After 4 years of Preds “fan” blogging at HockeyBuzz, Ramesh joins Fang Faction as a columnist. You can follow Ramesh on Twitter @rammer17.