How to Beat the Goalie: Allen

(Photo by: Tom Gannam/AP Photo)

Jake Allen is making a name for himself at a very young age in the National Hockey League. The Fredericton, New Brunswick native–home of fellow Fang Faction writer Ray Harris–is taking advantage of every opportunity available for him to make an impact in the NHL, whether it is because of injuries or lack of play from fellow goaltenders on the St. Louis Blues. 

Blues goaltending coach Corey Hirsch has worked with the Allen, perfecting his techniques and mechanics. However, Allen has yet to see full time in St. Louis, no fault of his own, but rather the goalie factory that is coming out of the Blues' organization. The original guys between the pipes are Brian Elliott and Jaroslav Halak, two very capable starters in other cities around the league. 

In 2011-12, Allen found himself backup to now-Tampa Bay Lightning starter Ben Bishop in the American Hockey League. Obviously, Hirsch is producing top level talent at not only the NHL level, but the AHL level as well.

The rookie still has a lot of things to learn, despite his solid play in between the pipes. Allen's glove hand is a place where a lot of shooters around the league will attempt to score on. Sometimes, Allen will play on his knees, or in the butterfly, longer than he should, leaving the upper part of the net open. Yes, the rookie is 6'2", but a skilled shooter will be able to score over his shoulder.

Allen is flexible and is tremendously athletic. When going on his stomach for that extra reach, Allen will rarely get beat in that situation.

Also, he has good puck movement, a key asset to have when attempting to clear the puck out of the zone.

Here is how to beat Jake Allen.

  • Glove side: Allen is getting better with the glove, but is still being beat there.

Jake Allen's career vs Nashville Predators

#34 Jake Allen 0 0 0 0 .571 7.12

Jake Allen's 2012-13 stats

#34 Jake Allen 9 3 0 1 .911 2.33