How to Beat the Goalie: Fleury and Thiessen

Welcome Pittsburgh Penguins and Nashville Predators fans to the eleventh edition, on Fang Faction, of 'How to Beat the Goalie.' The Predators take on the Penguins for the only time this season, in the hunt for the Playoffs. The Penguins' goalies are Marc-Andre Fleury and Brad Thiessen. 

Edition 11: Pittsburgh Penguins Goalies, Marc-Andre Fleury and Brad Thiessen.

Marc-Andre Fleury will be getting the start Thursday night against the Nashville Predators, according to Dan Bylsma. New goalie, Brad Thiessen, has played very well in his only three games. The original back-up goalie, Brent Johnson, has missed the last thirteen games due to an "undisclosed" injury, according the Pittsburgh Penguins Official Site. Fleury and Thiessen will be analyzed with in-depth stats and video. 

Marc-Andre Fleury is the starting goalie for the Pittsburgh Penguins against the Nashville Predators. Fleury had the night off Tuesday night against the Winnipeg Jets, where the game was very high-scoring. Dan Bylsma gave him the night off to rest up for the road to the playoffs, and of course the playoffs itself. The last game Fleury started was Sunday, March 18, against the Philadelphia Flyers, when he gave up three goals in an overtime loss. Here is how the Nashville Predators will beat Marc-Andre Fleury Thursday night. 

  • Glove Side: When a player shoots glove side, he winds his arm and shrugs his shoulers to get the glove stop. Fleury either makes an amazing glove side, or misses completely.

  • Screen M.A.: Get a player in front him to get in his way of vision. Since Fleury is only 6'2", he can't see over people. Hornqvist is the guy to look for. 

Marc-Andre Fleury 2011-2012 season stats:

Marc-Andre Fleury 39 14 4 3 .916 2.26

Marc-Andre Fleury career stats vs Predators:

Marc-Andre Fleury 2 2 1 0 .906 2.53


Brad Thiessen - NHL Rookie Tournament - Toronto Maple Leafs v Pittsburgh Penguins
Brad Thiessen is going to the back-up goalie Thursday night. Thiessen played Tuesday night in that wild game against the Winnipeg Jets. Thiessen received the win, but allowed 4 goals on 30 shots. Brad Thiessen has been recently re-called from the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, in the AHL. He is a potential starting goalie, somewhere, pretty soon. Here is how the Nashville Predators will score on him, if he plays.

By the way, he has only played in three games, so there isn't much video on him… So there could be a mistake in my analysis.

  • Slap-Pass: Brad Thiessen comes way out of his net to cut down the angle. A Preds player at the point should get him to come out of his crease, and slap-pass to a player on the wing for an empty net. See how Thiessen comes way out…

Brad Theissen 2011-2012 season stats:

Brad Theissen 3 0 0 0 .897 2.68

Theissen has never played the Nashville Predators.