How to Beat the Goalie: Pavelec and Mason

Welcome Winnipeg Jets' and Nashville Predators' fans to the twelfth edition of 'How to Beat the Goalie' on Fang Faction. This will be the first time 'How to Beat the Goalie' will be covering the Winnipeg Jets, former Atlanta Thrashers. The Predators will be taking on the Jets on 'Hockey Night in Canada' on CBC, Saturday night. The Winnipeg Jets goalies are Ondrej Pavelec and former Pred, Chris Mason.

Edition 12: Winnipeg Jets Goalies, Ondrej Pavelec and Chris Mason

Chris Mason should be getting the start in net for the Winnipeg Jets. If this is so, Mason will have an opportunity to get a win against his former team, the Nashville Predators. I only make this projection because Friday night, the Jets got the 4-3 shootout win over the Washington Capitals. And I highly doubt that Pavelec will be getting back-to-back nights. Chris Mason and Ondrej Pavelec will be looked at with in-depth stats and video.

Chris Mason - Winnipeg Jets v Nashville Predators
Chris Mason is the Fang Faction, projected starting goalie for the Winnipeg Jets. As most Smashvillians know, Mason was our starting goalie at one point during his seven year career for the Predators. Since then, he has moved from St. Louis, to Atlanta, then to Winnipeg. Mason has had his go arounds. Chris Mason has played in only eighteen games this season and is considered to be the back-up to Ondrej Pavelec. Mason's last game he played in was March 20 against the Pittsburgh Penguins, when he came on in relief to Pavelec. Mason gave up three goals on eleven shots. Here is how the Nashville Predators will beat one of their alumni Saturday night.

  • 5-Hole: Chris Mason might have one of the weakest five-holes in the NHL. Look at these two videos as the players score 5-hole. Nashville has to shoot five-hole.


  • Glove Side: Shoot high over the left shoulder, or go glove side. The Predators' snipers will have to use their skill well.

  • Make Him Move Side-To-Side. The Predators can easily get him out of position by making him move side to side. I couldn't put the videos up because the story would be SUPER! slow. You will just have to take my word for it.

Chris Mason 2011-2012 season stats:

Chris Mason 7 6 1 2 .903 2.40

Chris Mason career stats vs Nashville:

Chris Mason 3 5 2 1 .931 2.30


Ondrej Pavelec - Winnipeg Jets v Columbus Blue Jackets
Since Chris Mason is the projected starting goalie, that means that Ondrej Pavelec will be sitting on the bench. Pavelec started Friday night against the Washington Capitals, where he received the shootout win, 4-3. Pavelec gave up three goals Friday night, on 23 shots. He is a 24 year old potential star, if he is put in the right place. His size also helps him out, 6'3", to stay in his crease a lot more. Here is how the Predators will beat Pavelec, if he plays, Saturday night.

  • Blocker Side: If there was one weakness a sniper could pick out to score on Pavelec, it would be blocker side. 

  • Traffic and Bodies In Front: The Predators need shots from the outside, with bodies in front to screen Pavelec and/or pick up the rebound that could be given out.

Ondrej Pavelec 2011-2012 season stats:

Ondrej Pavelec 28 25 7 4 .908 2.84

Ondrej Pavelec career stats vs Nashville:

Ondrej Pavelec 1 0 0 0 .900 2.40