How to Beat the Goalie: Hiller and Deslauriers

Welcome to another edition of 'How to Beat the Goalie' on Fang Faction. The Nashville Predators take on the Anaheim Ducks tonight. This is the first time there will be a story on the Anaheim Ducks, so it should allow you and me to learn a little something. The Ducks' goalies are Jonas Hiller and Jeff Deslauriers. 

Edition 9: Anaheim Ducks goalies, Jonas Hiller and Jeff Deslauriers

Jonas Hiller looks like he should get the start against the Nashville Predators. Jeff Deslauriers is now the back-up goalie for the Ducks after Dan Ellis has been placed on IR. Ellis has pretty much been out the whole season with a groin injury. The first injury was a sore groin, then turned into a strained groin. Pretty sad story, as Dan Ellis' career might be done. Jonas Hiller and Jeff Deslauriers will be analyzed with in-depth stats and video.

Jonas Hiller is the Fang Faction projected starting goalie against the Predators. Hiller recovered from vertigo last season, which was suffered in the NHL All-Star Game. Pretty crazy right? Anyways, he hasn't played well this season. It has been a "recovery" season. Hiller started Friday night against the Los Angeles Kings, where he gave up three goals in a 4-2 loss. The Ducks have really worn out Hiller this season by giving him a NHL high, 66 games played. Here is how the Nashville Predators will beat Jonas Hiller.

  • Traffic: Nashville needs people going towards the net. Deflections will go in constantly, as seen here.


  • Glove Side: Shoot on his glove side, which is his right hand. Different compared to many other goalies.

  • The Ducks have really left Hiller out to dry when the opposing team scored on him, so many times. Quick passing down low and traffic in front will get the job done. Also, Nashville needs to take advantage of the odd-man rushes that will happen tonight.

Here is Jonas Hiller's stats for the 2011-2012 season:

Jonas Hiller 27 26 11 4 .911 2.54

Here is Jonas Hiller's career stats vs Nashville:

Jonas Hiller 3 7 0 1 .912 2.87


Jeff Deslauriers isn't a known goaltender for many hockey fans. Deslauriers has played in Edmonton as a back-up goalie, so I see no chance of him being a starting goalie any time soon. He is 27 years old and is in his prime right now. He has been given the chance in the NHL as a back-up to Hiller because Dan Ellis is on IR. Deslauriers has only played one game this season for the Ducks. In that one game against the Dallas Stars, he allowed only two goals, and got the win. 

Here is how the Nashville Predators will take score on Jeff Deslauriers, if he was to play. (Not much video on him, so my analysis could be wrong.)

  • Slower Reactions: Jeff Deslauriers doesn't react as quick enough as other goalies in the NHL. Shoot quickly and accurately. 

  • Jump on Him Early: Since he has only played one game this season, he is bound to be rusty. Nashville needs to shoot a lot and get in his head, early. 

Here is Jeff Deslauriers' stats for the 2011-2012 season:

Jeff Deslauriers 1 0 0 0 .929 2.00

Here is Jeff Deslauriers' career stats vs Nashville:

Jeff Deslauriers 1 3 0 0 .864 4.38