How to Beat the Goalie: Jimmy Howard

'How to Beat the Goalie' is switching the format up, during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Instead of just doing two goalies in one post, now I am doing one goalie per post. The Detroit Red Wings are Nashville's opponent in the First Round, so let's start with the starting goalie for Detroit. 

How to Beat the Goalie: Jimmy Howard

Jimmy Howard is going to be Detroit's starting goalie for the entire playoffs, unless he has a few bad games. Howard has battled from three injuries throughout the season that the Predators need to take a look at. If the Predators were to work out the past injuries, Howard could feel uncomfortable and not attempt to re-aggravate his injuries. Here is the list of injuries this season.

  • Broken Finger: Suffered February 3.
  • Groin: Suffered March 5.
  • Groin: Suffered March 20.

With two groin injuries, look for the Predators to make him move side to side, a lot. Take a look at Jimmy Howard during Pre-Game Warm-Ups as he will be stretching out his groin. 

Remember, the last time the Nashville Predators played the Detroit Red Wings, Jimmy Howard returned to the crease after his groin injury. Since then, he has been healthy. Howard's record since that meeting is 2-2-1.

If Howard was to get injured again, the whole series would be turned around. Both teams would approach the rest of the series differently. The Nashville Predators would go an all out attack, while the Detroit Red Wings would play a lot more conservative and not take any defensive risks by going on an odd man rushes often.

Jimmy Howard has started the last five games for the Red Wings. In Howard's last start, he earned an overtime loss by allowing two goals and stopping 31 of 33 shots. 

Here is how the Nashville Predators will score on Jimmy Howard throughout this series.

  • When someone is in front of the net or crashing the net, watch for the Predators to shoot low on the leg pads so the shot would generate a rebound. 


  • Look for the Predators to deke right and shoot high blocker side as the St. Louis Blues  and Nashville Predators.

  • The Predators were successful in this way of beating Jimmy Howard. A player behind the red line passes in front of the net to a player in the slot. 

Remember these ways I told you about when the Nashville Predators score on Jimmy Howard. 

Jimmy Howard's stats in the 2011-2012 season


#35 Jimmy Howard 35 17 4 6 .920 2.13

Jimmy Howard's stats vs Nashville in the 2011-2012 season

#35 Jimmy Howard 2 2 0 0 .908 2.26

Jimmy Howard's career stats vs Nashville

#35 Jimmy Howard 6 5 1 1 .916 2.42

Jimmy Howard's career stats in the Playoffs

Name W L SO SV % GAA
#35 Jimmy Howard 12 11 1 .919 2.63