Carter Hutton Is Back: It’s Bigger Than You’d Think

Carter Hutton is back, and it's a big deal. (Bruce Fedyck, USA TODAY Sports)

Carter Hutton is back, and it’s a big deal. (Bruce Fedyck, USA TODAY Sports)

It was announced today that the Predators had signed backup Goaltender Carter Hutton to a new, two-year contract. On paper, this seems like a good deal, but nothing too impactful. But, this is actually an immensely important signing.

Hutton was a mainstay in net for the Predators this year, mostly due to Pekka Rinne’s hip injury. He found his way, and ended up filling the void quite nicely. He has evolved into a fantastic, consistent backup. If he had left, the Predators would be left to use Marek Mazanec as a backup, who showed flashes of greatness, but proved to be slightly inconsistent.

The biggest reason this is an important signing is that it allows for some security should goalie coach Mitch Korn leave the team. His contract is up, and his services are highly sought-after around the NHL. Even if Korn leaves, the Predators will still have two “Children of the Korn” on the roster. It would be fantastic if Korn would stay, but if he decides to leave, the Predators will still be secure at goaltender.

So, welcome back Carter. We would have missed you.

Cutler Klein

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